AT CONCORD BUTTON DOWNS we are meticulous about the quality of our garments. It is the reason we have partnered with an American shirt maker, and continue to uphold high production standards. To ensure each shirt meets our specific requirements, we use a 65 step fabrication process that covers every detail from button holes to barrel cuffs. Constructed with imported woven fabric, each shirt is given the attention needed to produce an exceptionally well crafted good. Firm believers that details are the difference between liking and loving a product, we have created a shirt truly representative of the Northeast. Through incorporating characteristics found in traditional Ivy League attire, with modern day shirting details, our products reflect New England’s authentically rich and iconic culture.
Each Concord Button Down possesses a cut classified as tailored traditional. By using realistic sizing dimensions in accordance with modern specifications, our shirts fit better than most full cut shirts. As a result of extracting excess fabric in the waist and hip, our shirts get rid of excessive billowing while maintaining a comfortable look and feel.
"The material itself feels fantastic, the fit is not slim, but still fits well on my frame." Jeremey M. – New York
All Concord Button Down collars possess elongated points that measure 3.25 inches. When possible, we neglect the use of interlining and fusion creating a collar that is incredibly soft and capable of forming into a full roll. Attached all by hand, our collars become capable of turning once well-worn furthering the life of each garment and authenticity of each product.
"Superb roll…flows both freely and naturally." Steven S. – Pennsylvania
Most shirts when worn without a necktie possess a congested appearance around the neckline. This is due to lack of spacing and constrictive button location. In solving this common issue, Concord Button Downs retain an increased the distance between the collar button and second button. By moving the second button further down the placket, Concord Button Downs obtain a natural opening around the neckline that appears more casual when not wearing formal attire.
"Your dropped second button allows my neck to finally breath when not wearing a tie…thank you!" David C. – Massachusetts
The most noticeable element in any garment is without doubt a good’s material. It is for this reason we spend a great deal of time ensuring each textile used possesses a sufficient thread count and is made out of 100% cotton. Additionally, all fabric selected for Concord Button Downs are untreated providing a carefree and natural appearance. Because we refrain from the use of non-iron chemical products, our shirts last longer and are softer than most of today’s offering.
"I could not be more pleased with its rich dyes, handsome tartans, silky smooth cotton." Muffy A. – Connecticut